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BCCHS Academy Rules

We are pleased to offer Academy Classes  at the 2024 Brown County Charity Horse Show.  Entry forms are available to download under the Class Entry Form tab.

Academy Classes will be held in the back arena.

**Academy class entries MUST pre-register by 5:00pm on Friday, June 7, 2024.  Entries received after 5:00pm will be assessed an additional $10 fee per entry.  **


Judging Criteria and Class Divisions

  • Horses are NOT to be judged

  • Safety is paramount.  Out of control or unsafe horses will not be tolerated and will be excused immediately.

  • Headers are permitted in all classes.  All headers must be 16 years of age or older.

  • Equitation classes will be judged on the basic seat, hands and form, and effective control of the horse.

  • Pleasure classes will be judged on showmanship, ring generalship and presentation of the horse to the best of its ability.  

  • All classes will be placed 1st through 5th place.



  • 8 & Under classes will be split after 6 riders

  • All other classes will be split after 10 riders


Horse Eligibility

  • The horse must be regularly used in a lesson/riding program and cannot be maintained in training within the current show season.

  • The horse must be a mare or gelding of any breed, with full mane and tail.  No stallions.

  • Academy horses (with different riders) ARE permitted to cross enter in regular classes at our show.  However, the academy rider may NOT cross enter.


Horse Equipment

  • Bridle:  School bridle, double or full bridle with running martingle or German martingale

  • Saddle:  Appropriate saddle for the style of riding being shown

  • Protective Equipment:  Shin boots, knee boots, rundowns, etc. are permissible

  • Prohibited:  Training devices in the warm up ring or show ring.  Including, but not limited to: chains, stretchers, blinkers.


Rider Eligibility

  • Rider may NOT show in Academy classes if he/she has previously shown in a regular performance or equitation class at any show.


Rider Attire

  • Headgear:  Protective headgear is strongly encouraged

  • Shirts:  Long sleeved, button down with a tie

  • Pants:  Jodhpur

  • Footwear:  Paddock or Jodhpur boots

  • Optional:  Vests, Gloves, Whips

  • Prohibited:  Riding suits, derbies, barn logos

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